3 weeks into racing update

3 weeks into the racing and we are running gates and got the timing system sorted out. Don’t get me wrong… its not quite at the level of the global race in Dubai (¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ0viMxYDA4 ) but we got a couple guys that know what they are doing going through gates… and about to start posting some times.

Biggest challenge so far is the narrow gap between the ground and ceiling. Indoors is definitely harder than expected. Currently I am in the process of modifying a craft to have barometer control of altitude to help get off the ground or out of the ceiling net.

Another challenge is getting the people to show up… good weather is our enemy as people choose to practice outdoors and work on honeydew lists. We think every week … may be too frequent for people to race. IMO it is not frequent enough for practice but is way too frequent to host races. We may go to a weekly meetup outdoors for practicing and then go to a monthly indoor race. Problem with this is we may loose our slot for the facility if we can not present a weekly commitment.

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Art van Meeteren