Father’s Day race video

Just got this in. Greg Bender, who won our Father’s day race t N.Smithfield WWIS, shows us how he did it. This is our “fish hook” course which gives alot of high speed and then ends in a chicane to form the hook.

He edited a number of his best clips together. I love the mid air collision with Sawn. No damage occurred and made for a great clip.

Hope you enjoy the video and it gives you an idea of what Drone racing is all about. Come join the fun.

Click here to go to FaceBook video.

Indoor racing underway ! ! !

Season is under way with the first race completed at North Kingstown and the Fathers Day race happening today.

Looking forward to a good turn out… and getting some solid heats in today. Got a bunch of equipment in to make everything go smoother.

  • Got the RF Explorer so we can do tech inspection and trouble shoot any interference in the building.
  • Got the red checkered flags in for turn markers, very visible, very tall.
  • Got the security DVR in to capture 4 racers at a time, downside … the 4 in 1 receiver we got does not support raceband frequencies… so will need to buy separate receivers. Donations now being accepted 🙂
  • Carry case, got a big place to put everything. Should be able to role onsite with fewer trips to the car.

So just to recap. The plan is now to fly the first Sunday of the month at North Kingstown WWIS and the third Sunday of the month in North Smithfield. We may also pick up the CT facility depending on feedback from attendees.

Keep an eye out on MultiGP for current schedules.


Art van Meeteren