Check out the new Forums ! ! !

Season is getting under way. Many things happening.

  • Forums available on the website. Let me know who wants to be a moderator and setup channels/topics.
  • NEIT Drone club is being formed to begin meetings.
  • Meetings will also be put out as a Meet Up to cast a larger net.
  • Indoor Whoop racing is probably going to start the season off…in as short as a couple weeks. Watch MultiGP for races.
  • Indoor Racing series for beginners¬†will be starting on Sunday afternoon as soon as we can get WWIS. Watch MultiGP for race schedule.
  • Outdoor races is being sorted. We have feelers out for local fields to see who will give us permission to run outdoor races this season. Contact me¬† on FB if you have land/permission/ideas.
  • Formalization of RIDC and RIDR and NEIT DC needs writers. As you can imagine, allot of paper work needs to be done. If you are good/enjoy that… let me know.