Racing League (rules)

We’ve secured a facility to begin drone racing in April. League will begin with an Open House on  Saturday, April 9th at Wide World of Indoor Sports in Quonset.


  • Open Practice

Open Session – $20 for registered pilots for 3 hours. ( transponders optional but recommended for rankings for racing )
Open session runs as pilots queue up to get onto the field. 4 pilots on field at a time for duration of battery. If you crash, you go back in the queue. No drone recovery until the that heat is over. No one on the field while drones in flight.Race Event

  • Race Session

Based on timings/observations from open practice, qualifying heats will be setup and run. The scores of these will be assessed and the top pilots will move into the semi-finals. Process is repeated until 4 pilots are advanced to the finals.


We will be using I-Laps IR transponders to perform timing and scoring. Transponders will be available onsite to rent/buy ( $20/$50 )


  • Micro / 180
    Suited to beginners and indoor racing events.
    • Up to 180mm (measured diagonally from motor to motor)
    • 4 motors
    • 2-cell LiPo battery
  • Mini / 250
    Currently the most popular class for FPV racing.
    • Up to 250mm
    • 5″ props
    • 4 motors
    • 3- or 4-cell LiPo battery
  • Open /450
    Fewer restrictions for faster races (and more spectacular crashes).
    • Up to 450mm
    • 6″ props
    • 4 motors
    • 3- or 4-cell LiPo battery