RIDroneracing is a spin off of the Face Book club called Rhode Island Drone Club.

Drone racing is fastest growing racing sport which combine high tech drones and high speed racing.

The spectator portion of the racing is currently being sorted out as the action is so fast, the distances covered are beyond regular eye site and and the models are so small.

The best method to “attend” a drone race is to watch the live feed from the cameras or if you think you can handle the ride, buy or borrow a set of goggles. Most races will have the feeds from the ground stations displayed on a monitor for the audience.

We have plenty of footage captured on our Facebook page so follow the link above and come check it out. Better yet, we race twice a month… come to a race !

For racing schedules… check the MultiGP.com website. If you can’t make it to one of ours, stop by one of the other clubs events.